Hello, I'm Skye

I work with female entrepreneurs who want to get featured in the press, but don’t know where to start!


I teach them simple ways to secure media coverage, grow their audience and position themselves as the ‘go to expert’ in their industry, without expensive agency fees.

I will help you to

Get clear on everything you have to offer the media

Pinpoint your key target publications

Know exactly where to find media opportunities

Draft pitches that get picked up

Confidently sell yourself and your service in any interview situation

Capitalise on coverage to grow your audience and position yourself as an industry expert

About Me

I started my career in Dubai doing PR for big corporate brands like airlines, banks and consultancies. I learnt a lot, but after five years I realised I just couldn't get excited about this any more and moved back to the UK for a job in the charity sector.


In London I worked for a big charity, working alongside journalists to raise awareness about really important issues. While I loved the work, as the only person in my family with a 9-5 job, the idea of working for myself was still calling me…


At the same time I trained as a coach, which as well as allowing me to help other people, got me really clear on what was important to me - and what got me excited about life!


I've always loved helping teach friends and family the how to get their businesses into the press - and the idea of PR Coaching was born from there!


I’ve helped all sorts of business owners raise their profile through media coverage and I’d love to help you too.

Do you want to...?

Learn to do your own PR in a way that works for you

Feel confident pitching yourself and your business to journalists

Know exactly what to expect from interviews so you can be totally yourself

Be seen as an expert and become the the ‘go to person’ in your industry

Grow your audience and secure new clients to really boost your business

Do you...?

See other people getting media coverage and think ‘I want a bit of that!’

Think PR might help you grow your audience, but don’t know where to start?

Have no idea where to find relevant media opportunities?

Feel totally intimidated at the thought of approaching a journalist?

Struggle with that voice in their head saying ‘who are you to pitch yourself to the media?!’

I will help you to

Understand exactly how to handle your own PR so you can secure media coverage yourself

Outline the top media outlets that reach all your ideal cleints

Know exactly where to find media opportunities so you can start developing relationships with journalists

Recognise a great story and draft pitches that get picked up

Confidently sell yourself and your service in any interview situation

Grow your audience and position yourself as an industry expert

Overcome that voice that tells you you're not 'successful' enough to pitch to the media yet 


1:1 Coaching

Personalised support and accountability to help you start landing coverage and consistently get featured in the press.

  • 6 x 1:1 coaching session fortnightly 

  • Tasks between calls to help you develop your skills with feedback from me


  • Unlimited support between calls

  • I will share with you any relevant media opportunities that come my way  

Group Coaching

Work alongside a small, supportive community to learn the skills you need to start securing your own coverage.  

  • 4 x group coaching sessions

  • Tasks between sessions to get you moving closer to your goal of media coverage with weekly feedback from me

  • Connect with other like-minded business owners





“When I had to pivot my business and take my services online, Skye helped me to capitalise on the story. I have done local TV and radio interviews, been featured in women’s magazines and also secured comments in two national newspapers. This has resulted in a big boost for my business and I’ve even got international clients now which I couldn’t have dreamed of before!”



“Skye helped me land my first feature in the Evening Standard, when my businesses was really new. With her support I felt confident going into the interview and was able to get across everything I wanted to about my business, while being totally myself, which really shone through in the piece. From that article alone I grew my audience by over 200 which meant thousands in new revenue.”



“With Skye’s help, I’ve secured more coverage in a month that I have in years! This month I’ve had a comment published The Telegraph, which is a top tier publication for me, and I’ve also written features for education magazines. I feel really confident in pitching myself for opportunities now and am excited to see what coverage I will secure in the future.”



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