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Put your brand name in other people's mouths

Your backstage pass for a behind the scenes tour of how the media really works.

I'll show you how to access all areas and land the press coverage you've only ever dreamed of.

Want me to put your name on the guest list?

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Getting ghosted by the media?

Tired of journalists leaving you on read?

Enthusiastically waving at an editor, only to realise they're actually waving back at the cool founder standing behind you?

I've been helping businesses get un-ghosted by the media for the last 10 years - going from unanswered pitches to more press than you can shake your Sunday morning paper at.

Five reasons you're not getting media coverage

1. You think you need to be working with a top PR agency and paying through the teeth to secure the goods 

2. You're worried your business is too small for the media to be interested 

3. You think you need to spend years at PR School to learn the industry's best kept secrets

4. You think you need long established relationships with journalists before they'll consider featuring you  

5. Your team are great at marketing but when it comes to the press they feel totally intimidated

Plot twist - you don't need a huge budget, endless hours and millions of followers to secure your dream coverage

PR isn't as complicated as you might think.

You don't need endless pots of cash, a huge PR team and to spend half your time pitching to get your name in the press.

Any old business can hop on social media and tell everyone how great they are - not everyone knows how to get the Editor-in-Chief singing their praises.

I will show you exactly how to become the business that's known for their thing. The founder that everyone's talking about. The person everyone wants to sit next to. 


Work with me

Golden Ticket Training

Like Willy Wonka himself (but less creepy) I'm offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a full, behind the scenes tour of how the media really works.

Spend the day with me and I'll let you into the best kept secrets of the PR world so you can bag columns, comments, segments and spreads - all by yourself!

Kick start your PR journey and get press coverage confident, ready to grab the attention of the media and land you own exclusive exposure.

One full day of training for you and your team where you'll discover:

  • How to uncover all the media-worthy angles in your business that will lure the press right to your door 

  • Where to access the most exciting media opportunities that will fast-track you to fame

  • How to write pitches that will get journalists begging to write about you!

  • How to level up your marketing strategy by making PR a part of it

Full day training is £1,500 (less than what it costs to hire a PR for just one month!)​

Who wants in?!

This is the gourmet meal kit of the PR world. I provide the very best ingredients for you to cook up a media storm that smells like startup success!


In just 8 weeks I'll prepare top quality ingredients (a bespoke press office of materials) with simple, easy to follow instructions (your personalised PR strategy and a full day of training) so you can confidently serve up Michelin Star level media coverage - forever!


This package is brimming with everything you need to run your very own press office including:​

  • Tailored press hooks and story ideas reel the media in

  • Bespoke pitches that will make you look like a pro

  • The holy grail of PR - a personalised media list with contacts

  • Six month PR strategy to kick start your coverage

  • Full training on how to put it into action like the PR pro you (now!) are

All this for £5,000 (that's all the coverage you could ever dream of for the same price as working with a decent PR agency for just one month)

Ready to say goodbye to your PR agency for good?

Want to get journalists talking about a good way?

We started reaching out to the media the very same day and are already seeing results!

"Skye provided us with all the tools and knowledge we need to feel confident getting started on our PR journey. Thanks to the comprehensive press kit Skye provided us with, we started reaching out to media that very same day and we are already seeing results!"



The Future Kind Collective

Skye helped me land my first feature which led to thousands in new revenue

“Skye helped me land my first big feature when my business was really new. With her support I felt confident going into the interview and was able to be totally myself, which really shone through in the piece. From that article alone I grew my audience by over 200 which meant thousands in new revenue.”

Sim Fitzgerald

DEI Consultant

I've secured more coverage in a month than I have in years!

“With Skye’s help, this month alone I’ve already had a comment published in the The Telegraph and written features for top industry magazines. I feel really confident in pitching myself for opportunities now and am excited to see what coverage I will secure in the future.”

Fiona McKenzie

Education Consultant


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