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Now taking bookings for 2023

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Golden Ticket Training

PR Training

Like a tour of Willy Wonka’s factory, I’ll take you on an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of the media world.

In just one day I'll let you in on all the secrets to secure your own press coverage!

Ready to tick 'get press coverage' off your to-do list?

PR is what other people say about you - it's the ultimate testimonial for your business

PR is the facilitator of all things cool. People LOVE flashy logos on a website - it's more than just media coverage, it says “trust me, I’m good” and we ALL want a slice of that pie.

In the marketing realm, you have to pay big money to get the number of eyes and ears on your business that PR can secure for free.

Like a best mate who always bigs you up at parties, good PR spreads fast and works wonders for your reputation.

So what are you waiting for?!

Maybe you've been burned by PR agencies in the past? Or perhaps you're in two minds about whether PR can actually help your business? (name one successful brand that doesn't do PR...I'll wait....)

Upskill your best people and build your own PR machine that gets journalists knocking on your door

Grab your golden ticket, become your own hype person and take control of your media relations with this, frankly, excellent training.

You don't have to settle for a marketing team that just  does marketing (yawn!)

With the right training you can "secure more coverage in a month than you have in years" like my client Fiona did.

And with the right training you can turn your marketing peeps (or peep) into a PR machine capable of consistently bagging columns, comments, segments and spreads.

Whether you're starting from scratch or upskilling your team, I can give you the tools and the confidence to attract more media attention than the British Prime Minister on a bad day (but for all the right reasons.)

What's included

Full day of PR training tailored to your media goals that will help you successfully secure your own press coverage

Templates and worksheets to help you put all your learning into action and start pitching the press

Exclusive behind the scenes access to how the media works - that no one else is going to give you!


What we cover

What is PR?

I'll help you to understand exactly what PR is (and isn't!) and demystify the media so you really get journalists and what makes them tick.

Your News Story

I'll work with you to uncover all the news worthy stories in your business that journalists will love - flashy logos on your site, here you come!

Accessing Opportunities

I'll let you in on the secrets of where to find media opportunities - and how to create your own - so you can start bagging press coverage.

Building Relationships

We'll identify the media that need to know about your business - and I'll share my super-stalking skills so you can get your hands on all their contact details.

Pitching the Press

I'll show you exactly how journalists want to be contacted and how to spin your business news into media-worthy pitches that actually get picked up.

PR Plan

I'll show you how to weave PR into your existing marketing strategy with a check list of simple things you can do every day, week and month to get your business hitting the headlines.

Want to get journalists
talking about you?

Clients featured in

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How does it work?

This is a full day intensive PR training for you and your team, giving you all the skills you need to secure your own media coverage - without outsourcing to expensive agencies.

Borrow my PR brain for the day and use me for my experience and insight as I take you behind the scenes of the media world to demystify the process of PR and show you exactly how to land your own coverage.

How long does it take?

Just one day! 

Who's it for?

Anyone with a dedicated marketing resource who is ready to take on the world of PR!

You might have one marketing manager, a small team, or you might even be doing it yourself.

I work with change makers and industry shakers who have interesting ideas that make the world a better place.  Product-based businesses aren't really my bag (it's not personal, just working to my strengths!).

What else do we get?

All the templates and guides you need to put your learnings into practice and help you build your own in-house press office to secure top tier media coverage.

What's it gonna cost me?

This full day training is £1,500 - that's less than what you'd pay to work with a PR agency for just one month. And you'll walk away with all the tools you need to land your own media coverage - forever!

Can you guarantee I'll secure media coverage?

In short, no. Coverage is never guaranteed as PR opportunities aren't paid, and no PR or consultant worth their weight in coverage is going to make promises they can't keep.

But, what I can tell you, is that my clients have been featured on all the UK's leading news programmes, ticked off every national newspaper and grabbed prime magazine columns. 

A few words from my fans...


Skye's training was accessible, engaging and fun!

PR can be quite daunting to think about as a busy, early stage business - let alone put into practice! But Skye considered that at every step and made it accessible, engaging and fun. She created a space where we could comfortably explore PR and learn how to apply it in a way that is realistic for us and also impactful for our business.



The Future Kind Collective

We will be running this again with our new team!

"Skye was a dream to work with, the workshop she ran for our staff provided them with the core of what they needed to know going into the world of pitching to the press. She was easy to chat with, and the team all said how much they enjoyed it - once we have our next group of trainees with us we will be looking to run this workshop again."

Rachael Mole



For companies that can't afford a monthly PR retainer - this is a no brainer

"This brilliant training made it really easy to understand where to start and plan out our next steps for securing our own coverage. I left feeling confident to go out and pitch the press, understanding how the media works and knowing how to make my business stand out."

Rebecca Tyson

Country Manager

Moov Electric

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