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Media Maker for the Industry Shaker

First rule of PR Club? You don't talk about PR Club...or at least, you don't talk about how it's done. Lucky for you, I'm here to change that (I've never been good at keeping secrets.)

Ready to be the world's worst kept secret?


The inside scoop...

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I’m a PR Trainer on a solo mission to demystify the media for the masses, lift the lid on what journalists really want, and expose the PR industry's best kept secrets. Yes, this got me kicked out of the community. No, I don't regret it (this is my #VillainOriginStory.)

Over the last 10 years I've worked with big brands all across the world to land them front pages, exclusive interviews and coveted profile pieces.

But along the way I've seen smaller brands and new businesses struggle to bag the media attention they deserve. 

When there’s no budget to pass it onto the pros, it can feel like you're sitting in a restaurant, awkwardly gesturing to the waiter, who just keeps avoiding eye contact. And I don't love that for you. 

This is why I've taken it upon myself to shake up the PR industry and point the mic in your direction. Empowering you to take control of your relationships with the press and shine a light on your business – regardless of size or stage.

I give businesses the full low down, the scoop, the 411 on how the media really works. I know journalists - and what makes them tick. I can teach you what the media really wants from your business so you can be that brand that everyone's talking about.

Let me give it to you straight - no one else is gonna give you the backstage access to the press and PR world that I will. These are the Magic Circle secrets that got me thrown out.

Want the full story?

Served with a side of bad jokes, as (did I mention?) I'm also an aspiring stand-up comedian


I love to talk...

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