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Hello Press!

PR set up, strategy and training


The gourmet meal kit of the PR world.

Everything you need to hit the ground running and start landing your own media coverage.

Fancy a slice of good press pie?

All the cool brands get press coverage.

And I can tell you're the coolest...

Press coverage is the epitome of cool.

Nothing builds trust and credibility like those big logos on your website and pitch decks - PR proof gets customers queueing and investors signing.

But it's not magic. You won’t land one piece of Sunday Times coverage, then bag a round of Series A Funding.

Good PR is a long-term strategy - and the more you do, the more you get.

So if you're paying someone else to do it, that can get eye-wateringly pricey (trust me, I've worked for agencies, I've seen those rate cards!)

That's why I'm shaking up the way PR is done - so you can get the coverage you deserve, regardless of size or stage.


A great place to start if you don't have millions lying around for a monthly PR retainer

You do your own marketing and socials? So why not do your own PR?

Probably because the press is a bit of a mystery, right? Like an A-lister run-walking past you in massive Gucci sunglasses.

You might even wonder how a little startup like yours is ever going to capture the attention of those elusive journalists who write amazing pieces about your competitors...

And PR agencies will tell you that you can't. That you'll need them to get in past the beefy bouncer that guards the gates to all the cool coverage. But the truth is, you don't need them at all. 

Like the gourmet meal kit of the PR world, I'll give you everything you need (a fully functioning press office of materials) with easy to follow instructions (a simple strategy and all the training to show you how to use it) working with the time, team and capacity you have.

I don't want to just give you a fish - I want to teach you to fish, so once you know how - the coverage just rolls in for free!

What's included

Hit the ground running with a fully functioning, bespoke press office with everything you need to get you pitch perfect and media ready

Get fully media savvy with PR training that gives you exclusive, behind the scenes access to how the press works and how to get your slice of the pie

All the templates and guides you could ever need keep generating top tier media coverage that will have customers crooning and your competitors quaking in their boots


Your Press Office

Messaging kit

I'll pull out the most interesting parts of your business that will hook journalists in and have them fighting over who writes about you! 

Bespoke media list

The holy grail of media coverage - a curated list of all the journalists and outlets that need to know about your business - with those much coveted contact details.

Personalised feature ideas

I will take all your expertise and insight and package it up into a whole host of media worthy feature ideas ready to pitch to the press.

Personalised pitches

Press-ready pitches that you can just copy and paste for guaranteed coverage - as well as the magic formula for writing pitches that actually get picked up.

Six month PR plan

A simple, easy to follow PR plan to kick-start your first six months and put those pitches into action.

PR Training

I'll take you behind the scenes of the media world and spill all my secrets until you have everything you need to know to confidently secure your own coverage - forever!

Clients featured in

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Ready to get press-coverage confident?



Who's it for?

Anyone with a dedicated marketing resource who is ready to take on the world of PR!


You might have one marketing manager, a small team, or you might even be doing it yourself.


I work with change makers and industry shakers who have interesting ideas that make the world a better place.  Products aren't really my bag (it's nothing personal - just working to my strengths!)

How does it work?

First we'll spend a couple of hours together so I can get the low down on your business and really understand what you do, why you do it and who it's all for.  

Then I go away and magic up your personalised press office of materials, checking in occasionally if I have any questions that might help me along the way. 

Finally I spend a whole day with you and whoever in your team handles marketing - and anyone else that wants to learn more about PR! I'll teach you everything you need to know to put it all into action and start bagging that media coverage. 

How long does it take?

I can pull together your press kit in just 8 weeks and your training will take one full day.

Don't worry, I get it - PR is another thing on your marketing to do list - which is why I make things really simple and tailor the strategy to your goals and capacity. I can show you how to start generating coverage with just a couple of hours a month. 

Can you just do my PR for me?

Afraid not. But I can do the hard bit for you and then impart all my worldly PR knowledge so you can handle it without me. The beauty of this is that with one, upfront investment you'll be able to secure your own coverage for years to come!

Essentially, like the great man himself, I'm teaching you how to fish - and equipping you with top notch equipment!

What's it gonna cost me?

This package comes in at £5,000 - that's everything you'll ever need to secure your own media coverage for the equivalent of what a PR agency will charge for one month of work. 

Can you guarantee I'll secure media coverage?

In short, no. Coverage is never guaranteed as PR opportunities aren't paid, and no PR or consultant worth their weight in coverage is going to make promises they can't keep.  

But, what I can tell you, is that my clients have been featured on all the UK's leading news programmes, ticked off every national newspaper and grabbed prime magazine columns. 

Go for it - you won't regret it!

Skye took the time to really understand my business and came up with tailored hooks that have helped me secure my own coverage. With Skye's help I've landed my own print, radio and online coverage. If you're on the fence - got for it! You won't regret it. 

June Mineyama-Smithson



This is the best money we've ever spent!

The press kit is so comprehensive, and completely surpassed our expectations. Not only has Skye provided us with the tools to get started on our media and PR journey, she has adapted it in a way that is relevant and applicable to our industry and business - we love it!

Alicia Grimes


The Future Kind Collective

I was getting replies the first day I started reaching out to the media

Our press office is now ready to go and the documents are really easy to use - it looks fantastic and very professionally done. Implementing Skye’s strategy, I started getting replies on the first day I reached out to the media. 

Rebecca Tyson

Country Manager

Moov Electric

A few words from my fans...

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