How to Identify Your Top Media Targets

I often hear people say they're not quite sure which publications their ideal client reads or what programmes they watch or listen to. Even if you do have some in mind, there's usually plenty more you don't know about!

Here's my top tips for starting to build your list:

⭐️ Google News Tab - search key words to see which publications and journalists are covering your industry and you can also search competitors or relevant industry influencers to see where they're being featured

⭐️ Get down to your local shop! Head down to WHSmith (special mention as they have a huge selection!) or browse the magazine aisle next time you're doing your weekly shop and check out any relevant titles

⭐️ Download Readly - while it's not so easy to pop to the shops, check out the Readly app (free for the first month and then £7.99 a month) as there are hundreds of magazines available and you can also check out past issues!

⭐️ Ask your audience - head to your socials and ask your audience what they're reading, watching and listening to! Or pop a poll or a post in a relevant Facebook group

For help landing your first piece of media coverage, check out my free Facebook group PR Made Easy: how to get yourself featured in the press. I host live trainings, journalist Q&As and post daily media opportunities!

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