How to Think Like a Journalist

The real key to securing media coverage is having a good story. But what stories are journalists really after?

Here's my top tips for what makes a good story for the media:

👉 Timely - think about why your story is this relevant now? Or how you can make it relevant! Hooking your pitch onto a piece of industry news, a trending topic or new stats and data make it really interesting to the media

👉 Strong opinion - having a strong opinion on something will really help your idea and writing to stand out - if something sparks a reaction in you or there's something you feel really strongly about - that's your first clue you might have a story!

👉 New take on a trending topic - pick something relevant - and give us a different take! What's everyone in your industry talking about? Can you offer a new way of looking at it?

👉 Personal experience - there is more to you than just your business - think about the interesting personal stories you can tell. Starting with why you started your business and why you do what you do is always a good place to start!

🔥 Most importantly - what makes a good story really depends on the outlet you're pitching to.

Top Tip: Start by reading! 📰 🗞 Really get to know the publications you're pitching to and listening to radio stations and watching news channels you want to be featured on 📺 📻

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